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Apply Now:  Immediate need  of CNA and LVN in San Leandro, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, Gilroy, Hayward, Martinez & Danville – All Shifts –  Visit our CAREERS page 

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Our health-care system is facing huge obstacles. Personnel shortages caused by cost-cutting policies, an aging population, increased patient demand and need, and an aging workforce placed stress on healthcare workers’ working conditions and impact patient care and health outcomes. A growing body of evidence indicates that sufficient staffing leads to better patient outcomes and greater patient and staff satisfaction. The need for sufficient resources in all healthcare environments persists. FCNS has been involved in providing quality healthcare professionals to multiple healthcare organizations across several counties in Northern and Southern California and in Nevada.

Secure staffing is important both for the healthcare professionals and for the health care system as a whole. Staffing affects all healthcare workers’ ability to provide healthy, high quality care in all settings of work. We will provide safer healthcare for all by providing quality nurses and allied healthcare providers that we throughly screened before employing them in our organization. 

All of our staff members go through series of training that we provide within our organization to maintain quality workforce and keep them all informed of the expectations set before them as First Call Nursing Services staff members.


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First Call Nursing Services believes in the value of our employees and their contributions towards the achievement of our company’s mission.  We have over 30 years of experience in placing well qualified healthcare professionals in rewarding medical jobs. 

We are looking for Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists,  Speech Therapist, Care Giver Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Surgical Technologist and so much more.


Why you should hire First Call Nursing Services for all your nurse and allied health staffing  needs

First Call Nursing Services is committed to provide our clients with excellent quality care and cost-effective supplemental staffing services by employing compassionate and competent healthcare professionals. Our priority is to place the most qualified health professional with the desired skillset and competency in order to maintain high quality patient care standards.

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Nurses Are The Unsung Heroes

Nurses are the unsung heroes of healthcare, caring for patients with compassion and dedication in a silent way. They carry out their duties without fanfare every day across the globe, saving lives, bringing healing to the ill, and promising dignity to the dying. They are also among the first to respond during calamities and emergencies, often at considerable risk.

Although health nursing started out as a single, distinct profession, over the years it has grown to differ between home health and public health nursing, with other community-based nursing positions such as parish nursing and outpost nursing now recognized as involving community health nursing principles and competencies.

Community health nurses respect the roots and traditions of their common practice while embracing advances that promote the continuing evolution of community health nursing as a dynamic nursing specialty. Nurses practice in homes, shelters, schools, churches, and community health centers. They work with the community to plan and execute community growth and health promotion and disease prevention strategies.

Community nurses are well prepared and well positioned to improve the condition and well-being of communal residents. The evidence available is convincing that community nurses are having a positive impact on the health of individuals, families, and populations. Large investigations and cost-benefit analysis of nursing and numerous other components of the large community services are still to be carried out. While the training services do a good job of preparing nurses for community service, the nursing schools will need to revisit efforts to ensure that their services support the improvements in practice standards. Both educators and employers have incentives to use emerging tools that incorporate teaching approaches in electronic and human terms. A coordinated effort by nursing organizations and public policy makers to encourage the value of communication and administrative support for community nurses and their members could promote their quality of work-life, which could further improve healthcare impact on community health and enhance community nursing profile.

Nurses work through the field of health / illness, which for the rest of the public and policy-makers who best understand serious disease is impossible to comprehend. Home care nursing programs are under extreme pressure because there is no policy alignment with hospitals. Even so, hospital-based nurses don’t seem to understand their colleagues’ position in the group. Registered nurses and their employers need to work more coordinated to build and sustain community relationships. Over time, these partnerships with populations will allow nurses to recognize health issues and respond quickly to problems and epidemics based on the community.

We conclude that lack of hope and intent is one of the main risk factors to good health. We all need these and, in many ways, patients become sick without them. Patients tend to find hope and meaning in life as nurses take time, listen to others and think about them, not only about their BP or medication list but about who they are and what’s going on in their lives. Nurse practitioners do make a difference, but the news headlines are not necessarily. They don’t aspire to be heroes, but they have the chance to be a part of the lives of patients in a special way. I hope we keep seeing the nurses in the headlines, going beyond the call of duty, and behaving in crisis situations in a selfless way. We also need to see more nurses in the news for community service programs, policy efforts, and a safer environment for our neighborhoods and our world. But much of what they do aren’t going to be included in news reports. Headlines allude to unique and unusual events. The difference nurses make is impressed more indelibly in the hearts of the people they build relationships within our work and in the rest of their lives. Nurses do something to make something special for that person in every patient visit, every interaction. Not only are they saving lives, too. In many cases, nurses do care. They treat the patient as a whole by providing comfort and care. Let us not miss a chance to exchange words of gratitude, appropriateness, and hope to the heroes of our community, the nurses. ​They genuinely make the world a better place. As the saying goes, “We’d all be worse without a nurse.”

FCNS is a First Call Medical Staffing serving both northern and southern California. They are the premiere first call staffing providing nurses and allied health professionals to multiple healthcare facilities in the area. FCNS is a provider of first call medical solutions that are essentials to hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, and so much more. FCNS specializes in on call staffing and all medical staffing upon request from healthcare facilities.



Patient interactions are being tracked in countries around the world to collect knowledge about the provision and quality of healthcare. Patient experiences can be described as a representation of what actually occurred during the treatment process, thereby providing details on the success of healthcare workers; it relates to the care process. Assessing the quality of care experiences of patients not only offers insight on individual experiences but also shows which quality factors patients find to be most important. Many studies have been conducted to analyze what patients in healthcare consider essential. A research by the Picker Institute Europe, for example, revealed eight general aspects of quality:

  1. The implication in decision making and respect for preferences
  2. Clear, understandable knowledge and help to caring after yourself
  3. Foster feeling, empathy, and appreciation
  4. Quick access to sound healthcare advice
  5. Efficient Management
  6. Beware of physical and environmental needs
  7. Family and caregivers’ engagement and support
  8. Smooth transitions and continued care

Patient interactions were established as a proxy for quality assurance and enhancement of treatment. Professionals will use the findings when evaluating patient interactions by healthcare facilities for internal quality improvements. Patient perceptions and expectations are used by practitioners to adapt their own procedures and make their contribution to patient outcomes visible. 

Since nurses spend a great deal of time with patients, they have an effect on patient care experiences. Evidence has shown that nursing is a key factor in the work environment. It will seem that nurses often experience a good and safe work environment when patients have a positive nursing experience. A healthy work environment can be described as a work atmosphere in which nurses can both accomplish organizational goals and gain personal satisfaction from their work. A safe work environment fosters an atmosphere where nurses are encouraged to take advantage of their experience, skills, and clinical knowledge. Nurses operating in such a setting are further motivated to offer outstanding nursing care to patients. Research by Kramer and Schmalenberg has shown that the work environment has many things to do. The researchers used validated theory to identify eight ‘magnetism basics’ that describe the work environment for nursing and influence the quality of nursing care. From the nurses’ viewpoint, the following eight ‘essentials’ are critical to the delivery of high-quality nursing care in a work environment:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Acceptable personnel
  • Effective care relationships with physicians
  • Autonomous health-care procedure
  • Assistance to the nurse manager
  • Supervision of nursing practice
  • Fostering education
  • A culture which values patient concern

Today’s patients continue to suffer from numerous diseases or illnesses, resulting in increased intensity of treatment and an increased workload for nursing. The complexity of patient care requires well-trained nurses able to build a healthy, patient-centered environment. It is necessary and meaningful to analyze and consider their perspectives on how their job and work environment relate to positive patient outcomes, considering the conditions and changes that nurses face. In 2006 the Dutch government started moving towards a model of responsible customer choice and competition for care services in the healthcare sector. Thanks to this pragmatic approach, healthcare providers have turned their policies into a program of cost-effectiveness and efficient treatment (e.g. a shorter stay per patient). In addition, patients today continue to suffer from numerous diseases or illnesses, resulting in a higher level of treatment and an increased workload of nursing. That complexity of patient care needs well-trained nurses able to establish a healthy and patient-centered environment

The nurses have to be able to establish and maintain successful patient relationships. Nursing treatment, for patients, is about being heard and seen. Knowing you are in safe hands. You are allaying their anxiety and confusion. In return, you give patients confidence and hope. You give them many choices they can choose from.

We believe that integrating these concepts into day-to-day nursing practice will lead to more positive encounters with patients. Nurses, however, operate in a healthcare environment in which they have to balance cost-effectiveness and transparency with their willingness to offer patient-based treatment and preferences-based nursing care, and they face a tension between these two strategies. In order to enhance patient satisfaction, nurses must achieve control over their own practice. The Netherlands Center for Health Care Research conducted a literature study in 2011 to examine the functions and responsibilities of nurses in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada and found variations in the education and nursing work profile or job description rates in all five nations. 


FCNS specializes in First Call Medical Staffing servicing both northern and southern California. They provide first call staffing to multiple healthcare facilities such as hospitals, rehab centers, and more. FCNS specializes in on call staffing which is currently in high demand in the United States. If you are a healthcare center and needing additional staffing, you can rely on FCNS to be your oncall agency providing multiple on call staffing solutions.