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We collaborate with a wide range of clinics, including concierge physicians, rheumatologists, oncology doctors, and more. Let FCNS provide you with our flexible staffing solutions. We have nurses to fill per diem, short-term, and long-term assignments. We work with you to provide you with well qualified healthcare professionals with the desired skillset and competency required to maintain high quality patient care standards. 

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Why you should hire First Call Nursing Services for all your nurse and allied health staffing  needs

New healthcare professionals are increasingly needed across the healthcare sector. If you’re a hospital, a private practice or company that needs support in recruiting nurses, it’s a good idea to use a skilled, experienced third-party RN staffing agency that is specialized in your field. We have the pool of top-level professionals that you need to fill in the gaps.

We work everyday with different local hospitals, Doctor offices, Surgery Centers, Hospice Organizations, Rehabilitation Centers, Home Health Agencies, Assisted Living Centers and more..

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