First Call Nursing Services provides hospitals with cost- effective temporary staffing which allows your company to maintain quality patient care, even during staffing shortages.

  • Our experienced licensed nurses have specialized skillsets in specialty areas ranging from labor and delivery (L&D), intensive care unit (ICU), to the emergency department (ER). 
  • Our staff has undergone a thorough pre-employment screening process including background check, competency tests and skills checklist. This allows us to select well qualified healthcare professionals who can provide quality care to their patients. 
  • Our licensed nurses are available for per diem (PRN), short-term and long-term assignments.

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The Role of nurses in improving hospital quality and efficiency

According to a representative of an accrediting agency, nurses are “the largest provider of health care in the US,” and as hospital involvement in quality assurance programs grows, so is the role of nursing. Nurses are important to hospitals. Nursing care is a big reason why people choose to come to a hospital. 

Hospital systems in the United States are suffering from low-quality care and untenable cost growth. The medical institution has reported a quality deficit among hospitals and outpatient settings in past years. Many people have complained about poor delivery of the service. Most communities in America favor the private sector where health care is ideal because of the low-quality facilities. This has allowed private hospitals, as they set standards and draw more customers to dominate the health sector. To this end, there have been increasing issues concerning regulation of hospital costs facing an enormous rise of about three percent annually. Nurses urged hospital management to raise their pay, which culminated in the acquisition of the nursing profession by few individuals, and this was due to the belief by current nurses that working conditions are unfavorable.

Decision-making mechanism which established the board of nursing staff to assist nurses in the development of a competent and skilled attribute for patient care. This is important to incorporate hospital departments that will control the delivery of services. Department needs to state actions a nurse may take or delegate that suit his experience, expertise, training, and competency. It is advised that nurses do away with emotional capacity as it affects consumer health. The patient’s interests must be at the forefront of every decision to expand the nurses’ reach. The act requires registered nurses to access a patient’s health status, offers any guidance and gives some patient health information. Also, medications approved in the regulations may be administered and patients undergo minor surgery. To this end, registered nurses work with other health intuitions to ensure they fulfill their duties as mandated by the Act. Registered nurses are responsible for ensuring that the health care they offer is consistent with their qualifications and meets a legislative requirement.

In order to improve the treatment, hospitals need to combine their responsibilities, circumstances and patient centeredness. Looking upward from the hospital, it is important to reform nursing education structures and build space for fresh graduates and function in a better atmosphere where patient satisfaction expectations lie (Needleman, & Hassmiller, 2009).  The approach used by clinical nurses has an impact in generating graduate nurses who can achieve results based on evidence and quality improvement approaches, establishing the standard of a manageable service delivery unit. It is advisable to include all stakeholders with the goal of improving hospital quality and that profitability and we require intervention from the nurse and patient paying for services.

Nurses are vital workers at any hospital. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they carry out their duties with a high degree of care. To ensure smooth operation of hospital nurse practice activities serve as a guide. Laws and protocols for nurses are discussed with the intention of concentrating on patient safety. In addition, a nurse has a duty to provide the patient and herself with appropriate and proper care, which includes maintaining her licenses and reputation as a nurse. Often, as one gains experience in the working area of specialization, the variety of one’s practices is ever changing.

Nurses provide a clear understanding of the power and weakness of functions in hospitals and how they operate. In the health industries, the ability to develop histories for breaking programs is remarkable. As hospitals pay attention to health, efficiency, patient care, and all these factors have to be mobilized, achieving this successful nurses’ attitude is very critical as it represents a high standard of hospital management and correlates with the operation of hospitals and the delivery of services. Critical roles performed by nurses include:

  1. Continuous monitoring and assessment of their patients, and, where appropriate, implementing procedures to resolve problems or mitigate risk. 
  2. Organizing care delivered by other providers 
  3. Preparing patients and family members for discharge, which can reduce the risk of post-hospital complications and recovery

Gaining a deeper understanding of the role nurses play in improving quality, and the obstacles nurses face, will provide valuable insights into how hospitals will maximize resources to improve the quality of healthcare. As one hospital CEO said “Nurses are the heart and soul of the hospital.”


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